Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Different opinions needs different media

Internets are the new method that people nowadays share information. The internet revolution spread fast through out the world today making it another phenomenon that give the impact on the other conventional media. Some people call it as new media. Although it is not mainstream however the impact is still there. There are certain way that internet support the dissident voice or opinion that are underground and unacceptable in mainstream media.

The freedom of writing or expressive opinion are the main interest upon talking about online writing. Anyone from anywhere can express their own idea, opinion or even to criticize on certain item that matters to them. They might some politician that uses the internet to gain the voters influence, an artist to display their work or an underground musician show off their talent. But the point is, online media give the opportunities for the minority that unable to penetrate the mainstream media to express their own idea.

Our local mainstream media neither printed media such as magazine or newspaper nor electronic media such as radio and television are being controlled by the government. The government control the media  to filter out unnecessary information from being transferred directly from the source to the audience. During the years when Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad ruled, Malaysian mainstream media had their hardest time of reporting the news. The news are being filtered out that there are some news are bias towards the governments especially in politics. Tun Dr. Mahathir once said “Who control the media, control the mind”. 

Because of the tight restrictions during that time, many of the minority that had no ways to conveying their thoughts turn out to write it on the web. The internet is so vast that the government unable to do some policy to control it. This creates an opportunities to other dissident voice that oppose the mainstream media ideas to express their thoughts.

As for an example that the online media support dissident voice is through Malaysian National General Election in 2008. During the time of Prime Minister Abdullah,  we see the governments restriction over the online media is still loose thus create an opportunity for the opposition party to gain the influence of their voters through internet. The mainstream media reporting the news that are bias ant not fully transparent are one of the factors that the people turn to internet to find information. The opposition have to do this way because their opinion are totally different from the mainstream media told the people.

As for the conclusion, online news media or some people call it as online journalism really support dissident voice that oppose the mainstream idea and give the minority to express their thoughts and opinions. Anyone from anywhere can write, show and present their ideas using internet as a new media.

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